AVARICIOUS – our new 11th Main Cycle now in development

New development phases are an exciting time for us. Our artists share insights into our work and process with you in our Avaricious Blog HERE.

A new season with Theatre Gargantua Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 2.56.16 PM 

Coming out of an incredible year that saw the inauguration of the SideStream Cycle as well as the Premiere of The Sacrifice Zone, our new season has started off with a rush of creativity. Two exciting new SideStream Cycles have been initiated and the seeds of our 11th Major Cycle have been planted. Our Cycle is a rigorous two-year process of taking a work from germination to fruition. Soon we will be in the room with a group of talented minds, bodies and voices – some veterans, some fresh faces – applying our training, resolve and unfettered imaginations to a brand new creative journey, that we’re calling Avaricious. It will be an irreverent exploration of greed – the deadly sin that is relentlessly driving disparity in our culture to distorted and unprecedented disproportion. It is a topic we find fascinating, alarming and relevant – we hope you do too. While there is no mistaking the exhilaration of premiering a completed Cycle, the beginning is where the excitement truly lives.

Let’s see where it takes us.

Jacquie and Michael, Artistic Directors